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Established in 2011, Rainbow Dreamworks is dedicated to innovate in mobile application space 

and build creative solutions with the best user experiences. 

System View System View (top 10 in tools/productivity category) 

System View is an application that shows your phone software/hardware infomation, it allows you to diagnosis problems much faster. It reports your phone's software/hardware version, device id, ip address, sensor status, storage status and a lot more!

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Magic Frame
Magic Frame

With Magic Frame, you are able to choose from more than 60 frames with different styles and make the best fit to your photo in just a few seconds!

You can preview/adjust the feel and look on the fly, you can even share the picture with your facebook friends right from the app. Magic Frame's very user friendly and allows you to move, zoom, rotate your photo to fit different frames.

Latest update added direct shooting, allows you to use the frame as the view finder when shooting pictures, super cool!

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